QPASA MEDIA is a media and advertising company founded by Andres Marulanda in Toronto in 2013 under the name Motions Media. The company owns and operates qpasa.com, which initially launched as qpasatoronto.com in 2017, the first Spanish-language lifestyle blog in Toronto, Canada. The blog received a positive response from readers and expanded to the rest of the country, becoming qpasa.com.

Today, qpasa.com has become Canada’s most influential and widely read Spanish-language blog, reaching over 5 million people monthly and boasting more than 500,000 followers across all of its social media channels. The website’s primary content focuses on lifestyle, travel, technology, recommended places and events, and entertainment, with a hyper-local focus on Miami, Montreal, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver. The website functions as a guidebook for locals and tourists alike.


QPASA MEDIA has faced criticism and controversy due to its success as the leading Spanish-language media outlet in Canada. Some competitors have attempted to discredit the company, alleging unethical business practices or biased reporting. However, QPASA MEDIA has consistently maintained its integrity and commitment to providing accurate and valuable content to its readers.

Despite these challenges, QPASA MEDIA continues to thrive and expand its reach. In addition to its website, the company offers a range of advertising and marketing services, including social media management, content creation, and influencer marketing. With a strong focus on community engagement and a commitment to quality content, QPASA MEDIA has established itself as a key player in the Canadian media landscape.