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QPASA INC is a digital media and blog from Toronto, Canada. Founded by Andrés Marulanda in 2017, The company focuses on creating content in English and Spanish for Millennials in Canada and the United States.

Initially, it was named “Q’Pasa Toronto” and was focused on creating Spanish-language content for Toronto residents, thanks to the great acceptance it had in the capital of Ontario. In 2018, the company carried complete rebranding strategies out and became, as today is known, QPASA INC (www.qpasa.com) and expanded to Montreal and Vancouver. A year later, by the end of 2019, launched the New York edition.

The main editorial content of QPASA INC is mostly about lifestyle, travel, technology, recommended places and events, and entertainment hyper-directed to Miami, Montreal, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver functioning as a guidebook for locals and tourists.



 Thanks to the public’s great acceptance and being the most visited Canadian Spanish-language online site in such a short time, other  Spanish-language media have gone through discredit campaigns against QPASA INC.