QPASA MEDIA is a media and advertising company that owns and operates qpasa.com. The company was founded by Andres Marulanda in Toronto in 2013 as Motions Media and became QPASA MEDIA in 2017.

In 2017, qpasatoronto.com was launched, the first completely Spanish-language lifestyle blog in Toronto, Canada. Due to its great reception and acceptance, the blog expands to the whole country as qpasa.com.

Qpasa.com has become the most influential and the most-read blog in Spanish in Canada, with a monthly reach of more that 5 Million people and more than 500,000 followers in all our social media. The main editorial content of qpasa.com is mostly about lifestyle, travel, technology, recommended places and events, and entertainment hyper-directed to Miami, Montreal, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver functioning as a guidebook for locals and tourists.


Because of the great acceptance and being the most visited Canadian Spanish-language online site in such a short time, other Spanish-language media have gone through discredit campaigns against QPASA MEDIA.