QPASA is a popular blog that focuses on Latin culture and entertainment. Our blog has been around for 6 years and has grown to have more than 1.2M followers on social media and receives over 30 million visits per month. 


Our readers are primarily Latinos in Canada and USA, who are interested in trends, news, music and more. They are highly engaged and passionate about the topics we cover. Our audience is also highly active on social media and frequently shares our content with their followers.

Social Media:

We have a strong presence on social media, with more than 600K followers across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. Our social media audience is highly engaged and active, regularly commenting, liking, and sharing our content.



Our blog and social media receives over 10 million visits per month, with 2.5 unique visitors. Our visitors come from all over the world, with the majority coming from Canada, USA, Colombia, Mexico and Spain. Our blog has a high domain authority and is frequently linked to by other websites in our niche.

Canada 22%
Colombia 19%
Mexico 16%
USA 14%
Others 29%

Advertising Opportunities:

We offer a range of advertising opportunities for brands and businesses looking to reach our highly engaged audience. These include:

  1. Sponsored Posts: We can create custom content to promote your brand or product to our audience.

  2. Display Advertising: We offer a range of display advertising options, including banner ads, sidebar ads, and pop-ups.

  3. Social Media Promotions: We can promote your brand or product to our social media audience through sponsored posts, giveaways, and other promotions.

  4. Brand Ambassadorships: We are open to long-term partnerships with brands that align with our values and are of interest to our audience.